Baby & Family Photographer - Islington

I had done the newborn photos for this baby five months before. It was lovely to see how he is turning into such a smiley gorgeous little boy.

When I came to the family home in Islington, we headed straight out to a small nearby park. We started by getting some photos of this baby boy and the family under the trees.

Spotting a small flowerbed we headed over - something new for this baby to explore!

We walked back to their home, where they wanted to get some family photos on the bed, where we had taken some photos at the previous photo shoot.

He started to get a little tired. So after a little cuddle with mummy we distracted him with a little bath in the kitchen sink - the mirror behind made for some interesting photos. And afterwards, who can resist a baby all snuggled up in a towel?

Baby & Family Photographer - Islington, North London, N1

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