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Newborn Baby Twins & Family Photographer - Balham

Newborn Baby Twins

Such gorgeous, little twins - aren't they always! I came to their family home in Balham and we began with the twins (boy and girl) swaddled and placed in a large, round basket. This is also a good opportunity to get some sightly closer head shots.

Newborn baby twins in Basket
Newborn twins
Thinking - newborn twins
Close up baby's face
Close up newborn's face

Using a plain white wall, we then captured some family photos and other photos of the twins.

Family photo with newborn baby twins
Mother & Twin babies
Father & baby son
Newborn baby girl

They were sleeping well, so we photographed them both together and individually on a chunky, natural coloured blanket (see also the photo at the top of this blog post).

Sleeping newborn baby
Sleeping newborn baby
Daddy with newborn baby twins
Mummy with newborn baby twins

Having also got some family photos as they slept on the blanket together, we then captured some dramatic pictures of them together and individually on a black background. This was also good for getting beautiful close up details.

Newborn baby twins photography
Cheeky face
Sleeping newborn baby
Baby profile
Baby feet
Baby feet
Baby's hand
Baby's hand

Newborn Baby Twins & Family Photographer - Balham, South West London, SW12

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