Newborn Baby, Children's & Family Photographer - Hammersmith

It was nearly two years since I had last seen this family. Their eldest daughter had grow into such a lovely, affectionate girl since I had done her (nearly) newborn photo shoot. Now she had a baby sister and was very excited to show her off and give her plenty of kisses!

We began with a variety of family photos, photos with just the toddler, as well as the two sisters together.

We then set up for some photos of the newborn baby. We created a similar style of photo with her in a round basket as to one we had done with the eldest girl when she was a baby. Before big sister headed off to nursery, we got one last photo of the two children together.

With this newborn baby still resisting sleep, we got some photos with mummy and daddy against a white wall.

She was finally starting to look tired, so we laid her down on a bed for some sleeping baby photos.

Newborn, Children's & Family Photographer - Hammersmith, West London, W6

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