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Baby & Family Photographer - Bermondsey

Baby face

This adorable baby boy was three months old when I came to their family home in Bermondsey for his photo shoot.

We began the session with him lying on a bed. After getting some photos of him, mummy and daddy joined in for some family photos.

Baby tummy time
Looking at you
Mother and baby
Mother and baby
Family photo with baby
Father and baby
Baby photography
Baby lying on faux fur rug
Baby photography
Mother and baby

We also captured some close up details.

Baby feet
Baby's fist
Close up on baby's eye

This baby was starting to feel rather tired as we took some family photos using a plain, white wall as a background.

Family photo with baby
Family photo with baby
Mother and baby
Baby snuggled up with baby

There were a couple of props that they wanted to have photographed with their baby boy, a cloud rug and a cloud cushion that grandma had bought for him.

Baby on cloud rug
Baby with cloud

He then fell asleep, where we took the last few photos before leaving him to rest.

Sleeping baby
Close up on baby's face
Baby fist pump

Baby & Family Photographer - Bermondsey, South East London, SE1

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