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Children's & Family Photographer - Crystal Palace

Children's photography

We had a lovely fun session for this children's and family photo shoot at Crystal Palace Park. This young toddler was such a character and this park is always a great location for children's photography as this is plenty to explore giving a lovely variety to the set of photos from the photo shoot.

Although mostly focussing on this young boy, we also captured some family photos as we were going around the park. The sun was bright on this early spring day creating some lovely back light and dappled light through the trees.

Running across the bridge in the park
Toddler exploring the woods
Children's photography
Toddler on the swing
Children's photography
Toddler playing football in the park
Toddler playing on a log
Children's photography
Family photo by the flowers
Children's photography
Toddler photography
Child in the tree stump
Family portrait in the park
Family photo in the park

Children's & Family Photographer - Crystal Palace, South East London, SE19

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