Newborn Baby Photographer - Crouch End

I came to photograph this gorgeous, newborn baby boy when he was two weeks old. We focussed most of the photo shoot on this baby, as his daddy had to be at work, with just a few photos with his mummy - well a baby must always have plenty of cuddles!

We began the session with this baby boy in a basket, where we can photograph babies whilst they are still awake with ease.

He was then starting to look a little sleepy, so we settled him on a soft, blue blanket and he dropped off to sleep and we were able to get some beautiful photos of this baby boy.

He transferred over easily onto a black background and continued to sleep.

As he slept, we wrapped a cream blanket around him.

When he woke up he was less settled, so this was a time for getting photos with mummy, so that he could get his cuddles.

Newborn Baby Photographer - Crouch End, North London, N8

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