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Baby, Children's & Family Photographer - Earlsfield

Kissing baby

When I came to photograph this family, their newborn baby was nearly six weeks old. I had been recommended to them by another client and they wanted to capture a range of mostly natural photos of their family, which also included a lively toddler.

It is usually best to keep things fun and active when you are photographing a toddler together with a baby. We started this session in a bedroom.

My new baby brother
Family photo
Family photo on bed
Family on the bed
Father & son
Raspberry monster
Family photo with baby
Mother's kiss

We then had a play with the toddler before focussing on the young baby.

Natural baby photography
Close up on baby's face
Natural baby photography
Baby wrapped in towel
Baby toes
Baby's fist
Baby photography
Baby feet
Baby on mummy's shoulder

We captured some classic simple portraits against a white wall.

Father & baby
Making face at baby
Mother & baby
Father with sons
Giving baby an apple

Having been entertaining the toddler for most of the time, we now grabbed daddy for some photos with the baby, before a couple of last photos of the two boys and the baby sleeping soundly on a footrest in the sitting room.

Daddy's kiss
Father & baby
Family photo on sofa
Father & sons
Looking at baby brother
Sleeping baby
Sleeping baby

Baby, Children's & Family Photographer - Earlsfield, South West London, SW18

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