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Baby & Family Photographer - Fulham


I came to this family when their second baby was a month old. Big sister was very proud and excited about the new baby in the family and was full of kisses and hugs.

As usual, with toddlers and a baby, I start with the two children together. We got some beautiful photos of the two of them.

My baby sister
Kisses for my baby sister
Never enough kisses for baby
My baby sister is cute!
Tickling my baby sister
Natural photos with toddler and baby
Another kiss

We also got some photos of her by herself and also with daddy, before get some family photos.

Cheeky toddler!
Daddy's girl
Mummy and her children
Family portrait
Family photo with baby
Looking out the window
Family storytime

It was then time to focus on the baby, and a few with mummy and daddy too!

Kisses for baby
Daddy & baby
Father and baby
Playing with baby on the bed
Baby asleep on mummy's shoulder
Sleeping baby
Natural baby photography
Natural baby photography
Baby's hand

We couldn't finish without getting the pet dog into the photos - so we quickly went into the garden for a family photo.

Family photo with pet dog

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