Beautiful, Natural Newborn Baby Photography - Streatham Hill

I came to the home of this young family for the newborn photography session for their little, baby girl. They wanted very natural photos, so I was simply led by what was generally going on in their home. When I arrived daddy took hold of his baby girl and sat on the sofa and I captured him as he simply watched his baby girl and look at her every detail - this is something that every parent knows and understands, as one can rarely take ones eyes of our wee babies - I know I can easily just stare at my own daughter... and she is eight years old now!

Mummy then came to join on the sofa.

It was then mummy's turn to hold her gorgeous baby girl.

We then headed into a bedroom, where this baby could lie down and we could get photos of her, as well as some with mummy and daddy.

Newborn Baby & Family Photographer - Streatham Hill, South West London, SW2

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