Newborn Baby & Toddler Fun On Photo Shoot in Putney

It was lovely to see this family again. I first met them a couple of years ago when I did the newborn baby photo shoot for their boy. They now had a new member of the family - a baby girl.

We started the session with family photos, getting both natural, as well as more formal portrait style photos - well as formal as one can be with an exuberant 2 year old!

The boy was then taken off to nursery so we could then focus on the newborn baby girl. We did a variety of more feminine pictures of this little newborn.

Mummy and daddy also joined with plenty of kisses too.

And with Christmas around the corner (yes, I am still behind on my blog!) we did a little Christmas photo, which I have included in Christmassy red.

Newborn Baby, Children's & Family Photographer - Putney, South West London, SW15

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