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Newborn Baby Photo Shoot - Clapham North

Newborn Baby On Grey Background

This newborn baby boy was so calm and settled as we set up for the first shots with him lying on a plain, grey background.

Gorgeous Newborn Baby Boy
Sleeping Baby
Close Up Of Baby's Feet

But although he had looked like he was going to fall asleep, he certainly didn't. We had the shots we needed from that set up so then prepared a wicker basket with one of the mother's beautiful, African fabrics. I just love the bold patterns and colours - so wonderfully vibrant.

Baby In Wicker Basket
Baby In Basket

So this little munchkin was definitely not dropping off to sleep and was a wriggly, active baby... and also very hungry!

We then moved him over to a different basket, using another African fabric to cover him.

Baby In White Basket

We then also photographed him against a black fabric, but as he was naked I have not included the photos on this blog.

He finally dropped off to sleep, after much feeding.

Cosy Baby
Sleeping Baby...Finally!
Close Up On Baby's Face

Newborn Baby Photographer - Clapham North, South West London, SW2


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