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The Curiosity Of The Toddler - Photo Shoot - Fulham

Toddler Looking Over The Thames

I have photographed this little boy a couple of times now, the last time was before Christmas last year. Now he was very much a toddler and just starting nursery, so his parents wanted to arrange another photo shoot to capture this stage of his young life.

We began the session in the communal gardens of their home with lots of places for a young, determined little boy to explore. It is always such a joy to photograph young children, you never quite know what will capture their attention... well obviously the diggers on a building site next door will do the trick!

Watching The Diggers
You Won't Catch Me!
Toddler On The Decking
Natural Outdoor Children's Photography
Toddler Playing With Mummy
Children's Outdoor Photography
Hide & Seek
Toddler Among The Bushes
Toddler Portrait By Bench

We then went into their home to get some natural photos of this little boy playing with his toys and spending time with his mummy.

Young Boy With Toy Car
Toddler With Mummy
Reading To Mummy
Mother & Son
Young Boy With Toy Bus

Children's Photographer - Fulham, South West London, SW6


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