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Newborn Baby Photography Shoot - Streatham Vale

It is always so lovely and exciting photographing a newborn baby. Such gorgeous little fresh faces with beautiful details that make most family photographers go all mushy. Baby Charlotte, at just fifteen days old, was indeed one of the cutest little newborn babies.

New mummy and daddy (Rebecca and Andrew) were still glowing (although perhaps a little tired, although you wouldn't have known it) with pride for their precious little daughter. I arrived and Charlotte was being breastfed with mummy hoping that this might send her off to sleep for her afternoon of modelling. However, young Charlotte had other things in mind and she wanted to know what was going on in this new, exciting world around her. And she was absolutely right to do so, as the photos wouldn't have been the same without those big, deep blue eyes.

Whether looking over daddy's shoulder, lying on the bed propped up with pillows, or drapped across daddy's arm, Baby Charlotte stayed wide awake. Various breaks for cuddles gave further opportunities for photos with mum and dad. It wasn't until the last couple of set ups that her eyelids finally began to get a little heavy. She was the perfect model.

I love some of the images that we got from this newborn baby photography shoot and many will be showing up on the pages of my website. I hope this young family from Streatham Vale will love them to and that they will bring broad smiles to their faces in years to come as Charlotte grows up.

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