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Children's Photography Shoot - Wandsworth Common

My Favourite Bridge

This children's photography shoot for (nearly) three year old, George, was both very relaxed and good fun. And, as is often the way with young children... George led the photo shoot. I arrived in the morning and we headed straight off to this family's local park, Wandsworth Common, with George on his scooter and his mother, Emma, pulling him along by the handle bars (ah, that feels so familiar, with a daughter of a very similar age).

Wandsworth Common makes a great location for children and family photography shoots, with open grass areas, tree-lined pathways, wooded sections, a playground and a picturesque pond with jetties and boardwalks.

One of George's favourite parts of the park is the pretty stone bridge that crosses over the pond. He would always scoot back and forth at great speed several times on any visit to the park that the family made, Emma told me. As we got closer to the bridge George said, "I'm going to go so fast you won't see me" and off he sped and I rapidly got into position. I managed to grab one shot as George approached the centre of the bridge and turned his head to look back over his shoulder before he was gone... to never return to the bridge on this particular visit. Well that's children for you! Thankfully he turned his head at the right moment and I do really like this one photo that we have of him on the bridge. I'm not really sure that I would have got a better one had I had a chance to take another. The colour version is equally lovely with the wonderful golden leaves in the background and the shine of the autumn dampness on the stone pathway.

Having caught up with George on his scooter we had a little stop by the pond to do some pretend fishing with a long, thin branch. It seemed that all the fish were sleeping on that Sunday morning, as George seemed at little surprised by the lack of a catch! So he then sang a few songs (with all the hand movements) whilst sat on a lovely, large log.

We then made our way to the playground were we got some lovely photographs of George on the swing and clambering around a climbing frame.

Time for a warm up with a hot chocolate at the cafe gave the oppotunity for some interior shots and some photographs of George and Emma together... with a regular clean up of a rather chocolatey mouth!

It was then time to head back via some wooden hurdles to climb over and trees to hide behind. We played chase along the tree-lined pathways and ran through the golden leaves before heading back to the family house.

A lovely, relaxed children's photography shoot with this delightfully engaging young boy on Wandsworth Common. Emma and her husband are now left deciding which photographs to get printed and framed for both themselves as well as for family Christmas presents. Oh and I think the one and only photograph of George scooting over the bridge will be used for their Christmas cards.

Children's photographer - Wandsworth, SW18

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