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Newborn Baby Photography Shoot - Maida Vale

I love doing newborn baby photography. It is wonderful to be able to capture babies in the early days of their life when they are so small and delicate. Baby Joshua was not particularly small as a baby, but I feel that the above photograph with him cradled carefully in his father's hands really captures these qualities of a sleeping newborn boy. He will change so quickly and it is really in those first couple of weeks that you can get an image like this.

Joshua's parents, Alex and Natali, had given me a good idea of the kind of images that they wanted before the shoot. They really liked the look of newborn photographs against a black background. When I arrived at their flat in Maida Vale, I set up the background, whilst Joshua was being fed. It took a while for young Joshua to have his full feed and feel fully settled, so we got a number of other photographs of the new family, both in the bedroom and the living room of their apartment.

Once Joshua was deeply in a sleep we were able to get some beautiful photographs of him sleeping on the bed (dressed in a little blue & white outfit) before changing him (yes, he managed to sleep through that!) and then getting a wide selection of photographs of him against the black background, both by himself and with his parents. He finally stirred as he was moved into his mummy's arms for a close up photograph of mummy and Joshua. A number of close up shots as well as another selection of family photographs before the photo session was over.

A really delightful young family from Maida Vale, London, W9. It is always a really special honour to be invited into a house when a newborn baby has been born - such a personal and memorable time for any family.

To see more photographs from this photography session go to my Facebook page.

Newborn baby photographer, London.

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