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Toddler & Family Photography Shoot - Wimbledon

Umair, the father of this gorgeous toddler, contacted me to arrange for a family photography shoot as a wedding anniversary gift to his wife, Samira.

I arrived at their home in Wimbledon on a pleasant spring day. The forecast was said to bring rain later, so we decided to head out straight away to their favourite local spot, Wimbledon Park. The park was particularly important to Samira, who had grown up in the area herself and she had many happy memories of Wimbledon Park from her own childhood.

When we got there, Zachariah rode his Trike - something of a serious activity for this young boy! We made our way (past the children's Easter Fair) to the busy playground. Playgrounds always make great locations for photo shoots with children, they are constantly kept active and engaged with the various apparatus, whether that be a slide, a sand pit or a swing. We had lots of fun playing peek-a-boo around the wooden climbing frame and then Zachariah took his mummy for a ride in the Merton bus.

With springtime in full swing, there was grass dotted with daisies to roll around in, pathways lined with trees with fresh, young, green leaves as well as cherry blossom all ready to make great back drops for family photographs.

After a good while, we jumped back in the car and went back to the family home, where they were keen to get some photographs for Zachariah playing with some of his favourite toys - his building block tower and his 'biscuit tin'.

It had been a tiring and busy afternoon for this beautiful toddler and he was beginning to get tired. He always has his favourite cushion that he goes to sleep on, which is why I have chosen the above photograph for the blog. As Zachariah relaxes on his cushion both of his parents have their caring hands placed very gently upon him and I feel that it evokes the love and tenderness of this young family.

To see more photographs from this photo shoot go to my Facebook page.

Toddler and Family Photographer - Wimbledon, SW19 (South West London)

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