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Baby Photography Shoot - Wimbledon, SW19

I was contacting by the father of gorgeous 6 month old baby Matthew a couple of weeks before Mother's Day, as he wanted to book a baby and family photography session for his wife as a present. As the booking was made for a few weeks after Mother's Day itself, I sent him a voucher that he could put into the card.

I arrived at their house in Wimbledon whilst Matthew was still being fed. This gave me a chance to get my camera kit out and have a look around the house and the blossom in the garden for some of best places to get some photographs of Matthew and his parents. Once fed, Matthew was then dressed and ready for modelling! So we got a few shots of Matthew and his father, Ian, whilst his mummy went upstairs to get changed herself.

Katherine, Matthew's mummy, had given me a good idea of the photographs that she particularly liked on my website, one of which had been of a little boy poking his grandfather's nose lying on a bed, so we headed up to the top of their house to get some photographs on the double bed there. With plenty of skylights, the top bedroom was full of light and a great place to take photos. After a good play around on the bed, we got some fabulous shots of Matthew on his tummy and pushing up. He was full of smiles.

We then moved down to Matthew's bedroom and took some photos of him sitting in a leather armchair, a place he spends many hours being read stories. We also got some shots of the whole family (in the background, Ian and Katherine were keen to show off the nautically themed curtains that Matthew's grand mother had made for him). We also got some photos of Matthew with his favourite dangling birds that he loved to play with.

At each photography session I always try to capture photographs that are unique to each family, whether the photos involve an instrument that someone may play (Ian played the violin and although he said he hadn't played in a while - it sounded beautiful) or an unusual piece of furniture that a family may have (an antique American gift dispenser made for some unusual photographs with the family reflected in the mirror frontage), as these things often engage babies and children to allow me to get some great shots that are different for each family.

Although there were so many beautiful, smiley photos of Matthew from this baby and family photography shoot, I chose the above photograph for the blog... well, simply because I like it. Bumbos are great and they make great places to capture babies before they are sitting comfortably by themselves. The family liked having their fireplace as a background feature and I felt it just worked as an image.

A couple of other challenges were given to me before our photo session came to an end, both capturing things that Matthew liked doing and that will bring memories back in time: Firstly, photographing Matthew and Ian counting the mugs - something they did together in the kitchen every morning. Secondly, Matthew bashing and pulling at the butterflies on his play mat.

To see more photographs from this photo session, go to my Facebook page.

Baby & Family Photographer - Wimbledon, South London, SW19.

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