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Three Sisters - Family Photo Shoot - Wandsworth, SW18

When I arrived at the home of this lovely family in Wandsworth I was welcomed by three gorgeous girls rushing down the stairs in their summer dresses to grab a quick breakfast before a fun morning of photos. As you can probably tell from the above photograph, the summer dresses were perhaps a little optimistic as the clouds were somewhat dark and ominous in the skies above. But, hey... who would know about that whilst we started the photo session in their house.

Emma, mother to these three bright, fun girls, had contacted me a few weeks earlier to arrange the photo session to get some photos of the children for her husband's birthday present. It was still a surprise for him and he was sent off to work that morning perhaps a little baffled as to why his daughters were dressed in their best dresses on such a grey day.

Bowls of cereal consumed, I was then given a guided tour of the house, including their favourite hiding places, the secret doors and numerous treasure chests of (mostly) pink jewels. The youngest of the three sisters could spend many a happy hour putting on layers of colourful, beaded necklaces, bracelets and hair clips. As a children's photographer I just let the kids be themselves and play as they normally do - this way I really try to capture their individual characters, whether that is gleeful jumping on the bed, letting their imaginations run wild as they play with their princess castles (just listen to the conversations that they are making up) or the concentration on their faces as they are deep into a story book.

We then moved to the parents bedroom, always a good place to get some family group photos with kids - everybody is relaxed and generally feels free to be themselves. After having their hair brushed, the girls clambered over the bed and cuddled up to their mummy. Bibble (the youngest girl at 3 years old) was initially reluctant to join in for the group photos, but some singing of "Happy Birthday" had her merrily joining in and also gave a little opportunity to grab a short video to bring a smile to daddy's face when he sees his girls chorus on his birthday.

It was time for a quick change and don the wellies and umbrellas and get outside. Wandsworth Common was just over the road and a regular place for a number of my family & children's photography shoots. The puddles were somewhat deep and muddy, but the girls merrily ran around playing tag under the trees. We then moved over to one of the nearest playgrounds, where they jumped onto the swings, clambered around the climbing frame and played hide and seek among the bushes.

Tummies were beginning to rumble so it was time to return back to their home for a few snacks and just a last few photos before the end of the photography session.

A really fun children's photography session with Emma and her three girls.

To see more photographs from this family photo shoot, go to my Facebook page.

Children's Photographer - Wandsworth, SW18.

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