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Baby & Family Photography Session - Wandsworth

Baby Dhilan was a special little boy. I went to meet his mummy and daddy at their home in Wandsworth to discuss the baby photography session a few weeks beforehand. Dhilan had been born prematurely at 32 weeks. He had spent the first month of his life in hospital and, by the time of the photo shoot, he had been home for two months and was growing quickly.

That first month of Dhilan's life and the contact that his parents had with him during this time were to play a key part in the kinds of photographs that we were to take during the session. Special moments of skin to skin contact and finger-holding had been so important during the early weeks of Dhilan's life and meant so much to his parents.

At the beginning of the photography session Dhilan was wide awake and very alert. After a few mummy and baby photos and some close up detail photos of his hands and feet Shamira placed him on his playmat and his eyes were all over the place. At times we felt that he was playing a game with me and he would quickly turn in the opposite direction. We got some wonderful, colourful photos of him here.

We then got daddy in and Dhilan was smiling away. A little break for some milk at it was time for some skin to skin contact photos - truly beautiful moments with a sleepy little baby.

We then moved Dhilan into a little 'hammock' using a wrap (see the above image). He continued to sleep happily as we got lots of different photos of him and various family ones too. As he woke up, there were some particularly touching family photos that really showed the love that his parents have for their special boy.

The last part of the photo session we moved to the kitchen, which was full of light, for some more formal family photographs.

To see more photographs from this baby & family photography session go to my Facebook page.

Baby & Family Photographer - Wandsworth, South West London, SW18

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