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Newborn Baby Photography Shoot - Streatham Vale

It was another beautiful summer's day when I went to Streatham Vale to Kathrin and Bart's home for a newborn baby photography session for their baby boy, Lucas.

We started the session with a few photographs of Lucas on the shoulder of both his mummy and daddy in turn.

Kathrin, had been keen to get some lovely sleeping baby photographs of her son, so we set up a lovely, soft and chuncky blanket on their bed ready for when Lucas started to feel a little sleepy. So after a bit of milk Lucas was laid on the bed, however, he had different ideas and thought it would be more fun to have a little kick about. We still got some gorgeous head shots and close up details of his hands and feet, but not quite yet for the sleeping photos.

As he was so awake we took him through to his nursery for some photos of Lucas in his cot with his toys. His big, blue eyes really stood out in the photos we took of him through the bars of the cot.

Sleep was still not on Lucas' mind, so we took some family portrait photographs in the kitchen, before we went outside to get some family photos in the summer sunshine. The wild grasses and flowers just outside their home where absolutely stunning.

Lucas was now getting very sleepy, so a little top up of milk and we were able to get him all cosy and snoozing away on the blanket in the bedroom for some peaceful, naked sleeping baby photographs.

A few other family photos and it was the end of the photography session.

To see more photos from this newborn baby and family photo shoot go to my Facebook page.

Newborn Baby Photographer - Streatham Vale, South London, SW16.

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