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Newborn Baby Photography Shoot - Bow, East London

With the summer holidays the blog has been a little slow of late, but let's try to catch up a little.

I went to this newborn photography session in Bow, in the East End of London and was given a warm welcome by a wonderful mix of people. Baby Sami's mother was German, she was also an identical twin (her sister was also there and so excited by her new role as auntie). Sami's daddy was from a Bangladeshi background. Both grandmother's were at the home and their common language was simply love, especially for the new arrival in the family.

When we started the photo shoot, Sami was just fed and starting to get a little sleepy, so we swaddled him in a stretchy wrap and placed him on a thick, chunky, knitted blanket background... all in natural colours. Whilst we were getting him to sleep his father helped by nuzzling up close to him and craddling him in his hands, it made the lovely shot above, which is one of my favourites from the session - it shows such warmth and love. Sami looked so adorable in this set up and we got a lovely set of photographs of him like this before moving onto another.

Sonja, Sami's mummy, had wanted to get some photos with Sami wearing a cute hat. We started with Sami on a cable knitted, cream blanket, but it wasn't long before he woke up wanting cuddles. So time to get the grannies in and get a range of family photographs.

To get Sami relaxed and sleepy again Sonja then gave her little boy a baby massage.

Newborn photography - baby massage

We then went to get a few photographss of him lying in a 'hammock' made from a cheesecloth wrap - as this makes for such a cosy baby photograph.


Sami was now firmly back to sleep, we returned to getting some photos of him wearing the little baker's boy hat. What an adorable little boy!


We then got some photos of Sami lying on his daddy's arm against a plain white background.

Having then got the 'set up' photos, we took a range of close up detail photos and some more natural photos with the family.

To see more photos from this photography shoot go to my Facebook page.

Newborn Baby Photographer - Bow, East London, E3

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