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Christening Photo Shoot - Holy Ghost Church, Balham

I was contacted by Maria and asked to do the photography for the christening of their four month old son, Oran. As with many churches, no photography was permitted during the actual christening ceremony itself, so Maria asked if I could come to the church at the end of the ceremony to get a few photos of Oran, together with his family and friends who have come along to celebrate this special occasion. I was also asked to come along the the first hour of the reception following the christening to get some 'documentary style' photos.

The christening took place at the Holy Ghost Church in Balham. I arrived before the ceremony was due to start (I always like to arrive in plenty of time as I always find it good to get the camera out to catch a few snapshots beforehand). As the guests and family waited for the ceremony to start they all mingled and chatted together in front of the church - this is a lovely time to capture relaxed photos of friends as they meet for such a happy event.

Both of the parents and Oran were also very relaxed and I often find this is one of the best times to get some photos of the baby.

Mother & Baby - Christening Photography - Balham

As friends and family entered the church and took their places I grabbed some candid photos, plus a couple of shots of the font (always good to have a photo of this as we would not be able to capture the moment of Oran's baptism).

Font - Christening Photography - Balham
Christening Photography - Baby with father & grandmother - Balham
Christening Photography - Parents of the baby - Balham

Once the ceremony was over we were invited to take photos. Maria wanted me to get a number of family group photos as well as a photo of all of the guests.

Christening Photography - Family Group - Balham
Christening Photography - Guests- Balham

It was then time to move down to The Devonshire Pub, where the reception was to be held. Here I had been asked to get a number of 'documentary style' photos.

Christening Photography - Grandmother - Balham
Christening Photography - A Quick Change - Balham
Christening Photography - Father & baby - Balham
Christening Photography - Grandmother & baby - Balham
Christening Photography - Friends - Balham

A couple of extra family and godparent photos and I left them to wet the baby's head.

Christening Photographer - Balham, South West London, SW12.

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