Newborn Baby & Family Photography Shoot - Clapham South

I was asked to come and photograph week old newborn baby Sebastian following a recommendation by another client. I arrived at the family home in Clapham South and their gorgeous little baby was asleep in his moses basket.

We started the photo shoot with Kate, Sebastian's mummy, holding him gently in her arms and then kissing him as he slept on her shoulder.

He was still rather sleepy and looking particularly cute in his little baby grow. So we placed him down on a large footrest in the kitchen where he continued to sleep.

However, another member of the family was also trying to but in from time to time before settling down on a chair beside me... yes, one of the family pet cats.

We also grabbed this quiet opportunity to take some photos with daddy.

Yes, I mentioned 'quiet', as big brother, Alexander was still having a midday nap upstairs. whilst he was sleeping, we went upstairs to take some more 'posed' photos of Sebastian. It was at this time that big brother (of two years old) woke up. I concentrated on getting a few photos of Sebastian covered by a blanket (see the photo at the top of this blog post).

Having been told that brother Alexander was rather shy around strangers, and also that he was still coming to terms with his new housemate, I went off to introduce myself. It didn't take too long before that smile came across his face and he was then (very seriously) showing me around his new toy kitchen.

Having heard Alexander chatting to me, Kate gradually came to join us with Sebastian, to see how big brother would react. Here is one of the more tender moments.

After a few family photos and with Sebastian back into a deep sleep we went back upstairs to get some naked photos of him sleeping on a blanket. This also gave the opportunity to use a beautifully crocheted blanket made by his granny before the end of this lovely baby and family photography session.

To see more photos from this photo shoot go to my Facebook page.

Newborn baby & family photographer - Clapham South, South West London, SW12

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