First Birthday Party - Wandsworth

First Birthday - Children's & Family Photographer

It was so lovely to receive a phone call from Dhilan's mummy - I had done the baby photography session when he was a little baby. Dhilan had been born prematurely at 32 weeks so his first birthday was a particularly exciting milestone for his parents and they were celebrating with a cowboy party.

Friends and family had come to their home to help them celebrate - even my French came in handy with the French side of the family. There were lots of kids of all ages with party games, plenty of delicious food (that the grandmother kept bringing me plates of - yummy!). The sun was shining with not a cloud in the sky.

Little Cowboy - First Birthday Photography, Wandsworth

Off Around The Ranch - Children's Photography, Wandsworth

Pin The Tail On The Donkey - Children's Party Photography, Wandsworth

Pin The Tails - Children's Party Photography, Wandsworth

Hey Cowboy! Children's Party Photography, Wandsworth

Bubbles - Children's Party Photography, Wandsworth

With cuddles and cake - what a wonderful party. It was so good to see Dhilan growing up such a lovely, happy little boy.

Cuddles With Grandparents - Children's & Family Photography, Wandsworth

Birthday Boy - Children's Birthday Party Photography, Wandsworth

Children's Birthday Party Photographer - Wandsworth, South West London, SW18

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