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Newborn Baby Photographer - Worcester Park

I had been recommended to this family by another client I had done a photo shoot for earlier in the year.

Sascha had recently had her baby boy, Dominic, and I went to their family home in Worcester Park for the photography session.

I initially set up with a white background and as Dominic was slightly unsettled we were working very much with his mood. We began with a few photos of him together with his daddy.

A little more milk and cuddles with mummy, but he was still not settling. So time for a bit of swaddling and this helped to calm Dominic down straight away, so we were able to get some photos of him on a bed, as well as some close up details and a few family portrait shots.

There were a few props that the family had, that they were keen to get Dominic photographed with. A suitcase, a map of the world (at the top of this blog post), a couple of cushions and some soft toy animals. (The cushion photo I haven't included on this blog, as it has the family surname on).

Newborn Baby & Family Photographer - Worcester Park, South West London, KT4

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