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Newborn Baby & Family Photographer - Hampstead

Family Portrait

With a toddler, we began this newborn baby and family photo shoot with some family photos in a bedroom. One big brother was very excited by his baby brother and the someone to come a show off to!

Family Portrait Photography
Father & Son
Hi There! Newborn Baby & Toddler

The toddler was then put down for a nap and we would then focus on this gorgeous, little, newborn boy.

We began with him swaddled and placed in a round basket. We then moved him onto a big, fur rug (which he didn't seem so keen on), before then placing him in a cosy, blue blanket with a pom pom hat.

Baby Boy In A Basket
Baker Boy Hat - Newborn Baby
Baby - Close Up
Baby Boy
Sleeping Baby
Sweet Dreams!
Pom Pom Baby Boy
Baby Toes
Sleeping Baby Boy
Land Of Nod

We then got some photos with mummy and daddy, although it wasn't long till his big brother woke up again and joined in - photo at the top of this blog post.

Family Portrait
Family Photography
Nose To Nose
Father & Son
Over Daddy's Shoulder
Mother & Baby
Mother & Baby

And a last photo as he rested on the sofa.

Newborn Baby

Newborn Baby, Toddler & Family Photographer - Hampstead, North West London, NW3

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