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Newborn Baby & Family Photographer - Clapham

Mother & Baby

This adorable newborn boy was such a poppet throughout his photo shoot.

The session took place at the family home in Clapham and we began in a bedroom with this baby boy lying on a grey blanket and his nappy covered by a gorgeous, textured piece of material. He slept peacefully as we captured photos of him and then brought in mummy and daddy for some family photos.

Sleeping Baby
Baby Photography
Sleeping Baby
Close Up On Baby's Face
Baby Feet
Family Portrait
Family With Newborn Baby
Father & Baby

He continued to move into different setups with ease, settling into each position as he slept.

Sleeping Baby With Pom Pom Hat
Snug Little Baby
Newborn Baby Sleeping On Knitted Blanket
Baby Photography
Baby's Eye Lashes

He even continued to sleep as he was held to have some family portrait photos taken against a white wall. It was so sweet the way he held his legs, with his feet up by his face - not a typical newborn baby pose, but I just loved the way he had gone into this position himself.

Family Photo With Newborn Baby
Family Photo With Newborn Baby
Kiss Those Baby Feet
Baby Boy
Sleeping Baby In Daddy's Arms
Family Photo With Newborn Baby

He then woke up and what a characterful, baby boy he was - I just love the way it looks like he's sharing a hilarious joke with his mummy here...

Laughs With Mummy
On Daddy's Shoulder

Newborn Baby & Family Photographer - Clapham, South West London, SW4

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