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Children's Photographer - Dulwich Park

Mother & Toddler

I love watching children exploring the world around them and none are happier doing this than toddlers. They may be strong willed and rarely do exactly what you would plan for them to do, but they own adventures and the way they see the World is so fun.

I met this fourteen month old girl and her mother at Dulwich Park and the photo shoot was very much led by this child! But we had a lovely time exploring the park, with a well earned break for a babyccino! The sun shone and the park was full of springtime air and colour.

Toddler In The Park
Toddler's Ball
Mother & Child Admiring The Blossom
Toddler holding Mummy's Hand
Among The Pebbles
Children's Photography
Toddler & Flowers
What's Down Here?
Toddler In The Summer Light
Toddler Sitting On Branch

Children's Photographer - Dulwich Park, South East London, SE21

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