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Baby & Family Photographer - Putney

Family Portrait With Baby

I came to the home of this family in Putney. They had a two month old baby boy who was adorable with his chubby cheeks and big eyes.

He was full of smiles as he lay in a stripy blanket in a bath tub.

Baby Photography
Baby In A Bathtub
Baby Face
Baby's Eye
Baby Feet
Baby's Hand

We then got some family photos underneath a picture that meant a lot to them.

Family Portrait With Baby

After some fun on the changing mat and some photos of this baby's feet, he then went to sleep, giving us the chance to get some more close up details and family photos.

Father & Son
Baby Photography
Baby Feet
Baby Feet In Heart
Sleeping Baby
Close Up On Baby's Face
Baby's Foot
Baby's Hand
Family Portrait
Daddy's Kiss
Mummy's Kiss
Baby Photography

We then got a few shots against a plain wall.

Father & Baby
Baby On Mummy's Shoulder

Baby & Family Photographer - Putney, South West London, SW15

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