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Baby & Family Photographer - Notting Hill

Mother & baby

It was a hot day when I came to do the photo shoot for this family with their two month old baby. There are some days when babies are just not happy, and this was one of those days.

The parents wanted natural photos of their baby with the family in their home environment. So with this baby boy in need of lots of cuddles this worked well.

Family reflections in the mirror
Family portrait with baby
Mother & baby
Family portrait
family portrait on the bed
Family portrait with baby
Mother & baby
Pulling mummy's hair
Daddy's kiss

Daddy had to head off to work, so we then focussed on mummy and baby, although he was still not happy to lie down on his own. We were still able to get beautiful touching moments.

Looking out the window
Mother & baby
Relaxing with mummy
Mother & baby

We finished up with some close up details.

Baby's feet
Baby feet
Baby fingers
Close up on baby's face
Baby photography

Baby & Family Photographer - Notting Hill, West London, W8

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