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Children's & Family Photographer - Wimbledon

Children's photography

It was great fun to be back photographing this family with their two children (3 & 4 years old). I had photographed the family last year and, as before, we captured natural photos of the children and family together.

The weather forecast wasn't great - particularly not for my frizzy hair... that light rain you can hardly see! But we still managed to spend most of the time outdoors. Firstly in their garden, where we got out a number of toys and games before we then headed to their local park.

Children's photography
Child with umbrella
Family Portrait
Children's card games
Children's photography
Children's magic tricks
Mother & children
Family photo
Children's photography

We had lots of fun drawing pictures and numbers with chalks in the park and you can never fail to have fun as a child when climbing trees. The children played so well together and we had lots of fun. We got plenty of photos of them as well as family photos.

Children playing with chalks in the park
Children's photography
Children's photography
Child climbing a tree
Boy through the leaves
Climb the trees
Through the leaves
Brother & sister's love
Family Portrait
Family photo in the park

Before I finished the shoot I had promised to see the new bed in their bedroom that they were so pleased with...

Children in bus bed

Children's & Family Photographer - Wimbledon, South West London, SW19

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