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Newborn Baby & Family Photographer - Canary Wharf

Sleeping newborn baby

It was lovely to come back to this family. I had photographed their first child, when their daughter was eight weeks old nearly two years ago. Now they had a newborn son. They wanted to get more posed photos - this time round they managed to organise the session so it was in the first two weeks - the ideal time for newborn baby photography.

We began the photo shoot with him in a galvanised bucket. We also then added a little baker's boy hat and also a soft, toy rabbit.

Newborn baby boy in bucket
Sleeping Baby
Newborn baby in a bucket
Baby baker's boy with toy rabbit
Baker's baby

He moved then easily into a wicker basket and continued to sleep.

Baby in a basket
Sleepy baby in basket
Newborn baby photography

There were then lots of yawns - which I cannot resist - when we moved him across to a cosy, blue blanket.

Yawning newborn baby
Newborn baby in pom pom hat

With this baby boy behaving so well for his photo shoot, we then set up another basket photo, where, after a short moment he went back to sleep!

Baby in a basket
Baby photography
Sleeping newborn baby
Baby feet
Baby's feet

We then got some gorgeous photos of this baby boy against a black background, including this one with his daddy.

Newborn baby and father

Newborn Baby Photographer - Canary Wharf, London, E14

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