Newborn Baby Twins & Family Photographer - Earlsfield

Twins are always fun to photograph and it was lovely to come a capture some beautiful photos of this newborn baby boy and girl with their family, including their proud three year old big brother.

When photographing newborn babies with three year olds or younger, I usually aim to get the photos with the older sibling and general family photos done first, as you never quite know when the older brother or sister will lose interest. This big brother was lovely with the twins and we captured some great moments.

We then focussed on the newborn babies. Whilst the little girl had a feed we settled the boy on a bed, where he slept and we could get a variety of photos of him alone.

Once the little girl had finished her feed we got her into position to join her brother (not all photos included here, as I do not put naked photos on my website).

We then took some photos of the little girl on her own, in a similar position to the photos we had taken of her twin brother.

We then set up a black, studio style background. The twins were then more awake and we captured a variety of photos of each of them with mummy and daddy.

Newborn Baby Twins & Family Photographer - Earlsfield, South West London, SW18

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