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Newborn Baby & Family Photographer - Battersea

Newborn baby with Japanese Samurai Kabuto

I came to this lovely family with their newborn baby boy at their family home in Battersea. They wanted to capture a range of 'natural' photos of their baby and the family. However, when I arrived we started to discuss using some of Japanese materials and items, including the amazing child's Kabuto (traditional Japanese Samurai headdress) that you can see in the above photograph. A quick call was made to granny, who lived close by, to bring over some Japanese family heirlooms. It is always wonderful to use personal items that mean so much to a family.

Whilst granny was on her way over, we concentrated on getting some lovely photos of this newborn boy as he lay on a bed as alert as anything! As he was quite awake at this time, we then moved on to getting some family photos with mummy and daddy, using a plain, white wall as a background.

Baby photography
Mother & baby
Father & son

As he was starting to settle into a sleep, we set up a sheepskin rug onto a beanbag (so much for 'natural' photos, but he did look utterly gorgeous and cosy!). He looked so cute mummy and daddy couldn't resist joining in for a kiss.

Newborn baby sleeping on sheepskin rug
Kisses for baby
Mummy's kiss
Sleeping baby

Granny then dropped by with the most beautiful Japanese painted wall hanging, that then formed the background to a number of our photos.

Family photo with newborn baby

Newborn Baby & Family Photographer - Battersea, South West London, SW11

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