Newborn Baby & Family Photographer - Battersea

I came to this lovely family with their newborn baby boy at their family home in Battersea. They wanted to capture a range of 'natural' photos of their baby and the family. However, when I arrived we started to discuss using some of Japanese materials and items, including the amazing child's Kabuto (traditional Japanese Samurai headdress) that you can see in the above photograph. A quick call was made to granny, who lived close by, to bring over some Japanese family heirlooms. It is always wonderful to use personal items that mean so much to a family.

Whilst granny was on her way over, we concentrated on getting some lovely photos of this newborn boy as he lay on a bed as alert as anything! As he was quite awake at this time, we then moved on to getting some family photos with mummy and daddy, using a plain, white wall as a background.

As he was starting to settle into a sleep, we set up a sheepskin rug onto a beanbag (so much for 'natural' photos, but he did look utterly gorgeous and cosy!). He looked so cute mummy and daddy couldn't resist joining in for a kiss.

Granny then dropped by with the most beautiful Japanese painted wall hanging, that then formed the background to a number of our photos.

Newborn Baby & Family Photographer - Battersea, South West London, SW11

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