Twins Baby Photographer - Brixton

These gorgeous six month old twins (a boy and a girl) are actually the second set of twins that this lady had had - full respect!

She wanted to capture some studio style photographs of the two of them. So I brought along my backgrounds to their family home in Brixton.

We captured a whole range of different set ups with both the twins together, as well as individually. Starting with them wearing little sailor outfits. We used different backgrounds throughout the photo shoot, to give a variety of different photos, whether choosing a plain white background or a darker wood option, to a mottled, soft coloured one. It was lots of fun and the last shot they had both rolled onto the flokati rug on the floor and were cuddled together, as you see from the photo at the top of this blog post - adorable!

Baby Twins Photographer - Brixton, South West London, SW9

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