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Newborn Baby & Family photographer - Mitcham

Family portrait with newborn baby

This photo shoot had been given as a gift to this family. They had two children, a toddler of two years old and a three week old newborn baby.

I came to their family home in Mitcham and the toddler was very excited and full of love for her new baby brother. As usual, when I have a toddler together with a newborn baby to photograph, we started with the photos of the children and the family photos. Toddlers peak very quickly and can lose interest. This little girl was great, she was full of energy (including using me as a climbing frame!) and always had lots of smiles.

Sister's kiss for newborn baby brother
Sister's kiss
Family portrait with newborn baby and toddler
Family photo
Children's photography
Newborn baby photography

We continued with a range of family photos with both of the children, using a plain wall as a background.

Father & daughter
Mother & daughter
Family photo with newborn baby
Father kissing newborn baby
Father & newborn baby
Newborn baby on daddy's shoulder
Mother & baby

We then spent some time getting some natural newborn baby photos.

Newborn baby
Newborn baby photography
Looking at you
Close up on baby's face
Baby feet
Baby's fist
Baby photography

Newborn Baby, Children's & Family Photographer - Mitcham, South West London, CR4

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