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First Birthday Photographer - Battersea

It's my birthday!

I had photographed this characterful girl when she was a newborn baby. She had now turned one and her mummy wanted to get some more photos of her to mark this milestone.

She wanted a range of studio style photos, including one with a galvanised metal bucket that we had used (and this baby had neatly fitted in when she was a newborn!).

One year old baby with a bucket

We then set up lots of balloons...

One year old baby and balloons
Baby & balloons

We then went for some traditional style portrait photos of this little girl, whilst trying to keep her sat vaguely still by distracting her with bead necklaces.

Baby & bead necklace
Baby portrait photography
Baby with beads
Baby photography
Baby & bead necklace
Baby photography
Baby photography

It was then time to get the bath tub and bubbles out.

Baby in bath tub with bubbles
First Birthday

First Birthday Baby Photographer - Battersea, South West London, SW8

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