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Newborn Baby & Family Photographer - Mitcham

Sleeping newborn Baby

I came to the home of this family in Mitcham. They had recently had a newborn baby girl and wanted to get a mix of natural and posed photos of their baby.

We began the session with her lying in a round basket, adorned with some flowers.

Baby girl sleeping in basket with flowers
Newborn baby with flowers
Newborn baby with flowers

She then woke up, so we took the opportunity to get some photos with mummy and daddy.

Family photo with newborn baby
Mother & baby
Newborn baby on shoulder

After a quick feed, she settled down for another sleep. We lay her on a blanket on a bed, capturing her in a variety of ways with different wraps, crowns and headbands. This also gave us a good chance to get some beautiful close up details.

Newborn baby girl with crown
Newborn baby with headband
Sleeping newborn baby
Sleeping baby
Close up on newborn baby
Close up on newborn baby's face
Close up on newborn baby
Baby feet

With her sleeping peacefully we also got some family photos with mummy and daddy in too.

Kissing newborn baby
Mother's kiss
Daddy's kiss
Daddy's kiss
Newborn baby photography

And finally some photos of her wrapped up in a blanket.

Sleeping baby in blanket

Newborn Baby & Family Photographer - Mitcham, South West London, CR4

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