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Newborn Baby & Family Photographer - Putney

Newborn baby sleeping on guitar

I had been recommended to this family by another client I had recently done a session for. Their baby boy was already three weeks old by the time I came to do his newborn photo shoot, which is generally considered past the ideal time for a newborn session, as babies tend to become more alert. Doing newborn sessions after two weeks can very much depend upon the individual baby with regards to the more 'posed' newborn images.

There was one set up that the family wanted, as his daddy loved the guitar and wanted to get some kind of image of their baby with one of his guitars. Well, this little, chilled out chappie was very well behaved and settled quickly onto sleeping on a cosy faux fur rug on the guitar and we captured some beautiful photos of him as he lay there sleeping happily.

Having finished this set up he woke up and did not fall asleep again for the rest of the session. But he was a calm little baby so we got a lovely set of photos of him, including some family photos and close up details.

Newborn baby photography
Baby's yawn
Close up on baby's face
Close up on baby's nose and mouth
Baby's fist
Baby feet
Baby's hands
Baby holding onto finger
Father & baby son
Baby photography
On daddy's shoulder
Father and baby
Mother & baby
Baby photography
Father & newborn baby
Family photo with newborn baby

Newborn Baby & Family Photographer - Putney, South West London, SW15

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