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Newborn Baby, Children & Family Photographer - Dulwich


It was lovely to be asked to come back and photograph this family. I had photographed the toddler the previous year in Dulwich Park and now she had a baby sister.

They wanted more natural photos than the posed newborn images and we began the session in a bedroom where there was plenty of natural light. The newborn baby was being fed at the time, so I started getting photos of the eldest daughter who was having lots of fun jumping around on the bed.

Fun children's photography
Children's photography
Happy face
Children's photography
Jumping on the bed
Fun, natural children's photography

We then brought the newborn baby to join on the bed.

Newborn baby with sister
Newborn baby with sister

With the newborn baby sleeping beautifully on the bed we took some photos of her by self.

Beautiful, natural newborn baby photography
Sleeping baby
Close up on sleeping baby
Close up on baby's face
Baby's fist

We also captured some family photos and images of mummy and daddy with the latest addition to the family.

Family photo with newborn baby
Family portrait in mirror
Family portrait in mirror
Family photo with newborn baby
Mother & baby
Newborn baby snuggling on daddy
Kissing baby's feet
Kissing baby's feet
Baby feet
Baby feet in heart

And finally a simple photo of the newborn baby.

Newborn baby

Newborn Baby, Children's & Family Photographer - Dulwich, South East London, SE15

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