Newborn Baby & Family Photographer - Clapham

This gorgeous newborn baby girl was such as sweetie for her photo shoot. I came to the family home in Clapham on a beautiful, spring day.

We began with her sleeping in a galvanised metal bucket, sat next to the bucket we placed a corduroy, toy fox that had been given to her as a gift.

She then transferred easily into a round basket, that we adorned with some flowers.

They had a soft sheepskin rug that we lay this baby girl on. With the natural light coming in from the window these created some lovely, soft images.

She continued to sleep as we then positioned her on a bed covered by a wrap flowing into the background.

It was then time to get some family photos, including some with grandma who was there to help.

Newborn Baby & Family Photographer - Clapham, South West London, SW4

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