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Baby, Children's & Family Photographer

Family Portrait with baby

It always lovely to come back to a family that I have photographed before. I originally photographed them when their first son was born nearly three years ago. Now they had a new addition to the family, who was two months old when I came to their home in Barnes.

We began with family photos and capturing the siblings together.

Family portrait with baby
Family portrait
Family portrait
Family portrait
Family photo with baby
Father & baby
My baby brother
Children's photography
Child silhouetted at the window

We then focussed on the baby, together with some photos with mummy and daddy.

Baby photography
Sleeping baby
Close up on baby's face
Close up on baby's face
Baby's hand
Father & baby
Mother & baby
Mother & baby
Mother and baby
Mother & baby

I had also promised the elder son that I would photograph him with his train set.

A boy and his train set
Child playing

Baby, Children's & Family Photographer - Barnes, South West London, SW13

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