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Newborn Baby & Family Photographer - Kensington

Newborn Baby Photography

I had been recommended to this couple by another family I had recently done a shoot for. They had a newborn baby girl and wanted to capture some photos of her and the family at their home in Kensington.

We started by getting this baby girl settled and sleeping on a bed covered by a blanket. We got some beautiful, natural photos of her there and this was also a good place for mummy and daddy to join to get some family photos.

Sleeping newborn baby
Baby Photography
Close up on baby's face
Close up on baby's eye
Baby's hand
Baby with toy bunny rabbit
Family with newborn baby
Family portrait with baby
Father & daughter
Daddy kissing baby daughter
Mummy with baby girl

We also got some over the arm shots and skin to skin photos, which I haven't included in this blog post. This baby was then awake so time to play with daddy and get feet kissed by mummy!

Daddy playing with newborn baby
Kissing those baby toes
Baby feet

We then moved to an upstairs room where she became a little less settled. Swaddling help for a little while, but most cuddles!

Swaddled baby
Natural baby photography
Family with newborn baby

Newborn Baby & Family Photographer - Kensington, London, W14

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