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Mother & Baby Photo Shoot - Hampstead

Mother & Baby

It was lovely to come back to photograph this mother and her baby. I have done a number of both family photo shoots as well as headshots for them. She had a new member now in the family, a four month old baby girl and she wanted to capture some photos of just the two of them.

It always wonderful to watch and capture a mother playing and caring for her baby. We started with this gorgeous baby girl on the bed.

Baby smiling

We also photographed her in the bath and then all wrapped up in a cosy towel.

Baby in the bath
Cute baby in towel
Mother & baby

It is a joy to photograph a mother and baby interacting simply on a bed - these make for such beautiful and personal images - simply documenting their relationship.

Mother kissing baby's feet
Kissing baby feet
Mother's kiss
Kissing baby
Mother & baby

You just can't give your baby enough kisses... just not possible!

But then this little baby became rather tired.


Baby Photographer - Hampstead, North West London, NW3

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