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Baby & Family Photographer - Colliers Wood

Close up on baby's face

This baby girl was nearly two months old when I came to their family home in Colliers Wood for the photo shoot.

They wanted to capture mostly 'natural' photos of their baby girl, although we did start the session with her in a basket - looking ready for a boxing match!

Baby in a basket with flowers
Baby with flowers
Close up on baby's face
Baby's foot

We then focussed on her relaxing and playing with mummy and daddy.

Family photo with baby
Baby on daddy's shoulder
Baby on mummy's shoulder
Mummy's kisses
Father and baby
Kissing baby's feet
Family photo with baby
Family portrait with baby
Daddy & baby
Natural baby photography

As she dropped off to sleep, we were then able to get some cute sleeping baby photos of her on the bed and in her parents arms.

Baby feet
Beautiful sleeping baby photography
Baby sleeping in daddy's arms
Baby feet

Baby & Family Photographer - Colliers Wood, South West London, SW19

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