Toddler Photo Shoot on Wandsworth Common

I met this adorable, characterful little boy with his mother on Wandsworth Common for a photo shoot that had been given to them as a gift. He was full of energy and constantly on the move as he explored the outdoor world around him. The outdoors is always a great place when photographing toddlers, as they are often strong willed and taking them to a park is wonderful as they can be left to have fun among the leaves. As they enjoy their adventures their facial expressions and activities make for wonderful photographs that can really capture their characters.

This little boy was far too busy for cuddles with mummy, but we did manage to capture a couple of photos of them together!

The playground is also a fun place to photograph an active toddler.

We then finished with snacks on the boardwalk of Wandsworth Common.

Children's Photographer - Wandsworth Common, South West London, SW18

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