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Newborn Baby & Family Photo Shoot At Home - Wimbledon

Baby cradled in hands

I came to the home of this young family in Putney for the photo shoot of their newborn baby boy.

With daddy in the Police Force, they had asked if I could take a photo of him in daddy's work hat. In all reality he was a big baby and wouldn't fit into the hat, so we photographed the baby separately and composited in the edit - this is also and most importantly the safest way to do this set up.

Baby in Policeman's hat

Whilst he lay sleeping on the white fur, we also got a number of other other photos of this scrumptious little baby!

Sleeping baby
Beautiful newborn baby photography
Baby photography
Close up on baby's face
Scrumptious baby

The parents also loved the photos against a black background. We did a variety of these, including baby portraits, close up details, as well as family shots.

Daddy kissing baby on head
Baby - head in hands
Mother kissing baby
Beautiful baby photography
Close up on baby's hand
Baby feet
Family portrait with baby
Family portrait with baby
Mother & baby
Mother & baby
Daddy with baby
Baby in daddy's arms

Newborn Baby & Family Photographer - Wimbledon, South West London, SW19

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