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Newborn Baby & Family Photo Shoot At Home - Wandsworth

Beautiful newborn baby photography

I came to the home of this family to photograph their newborn baby. They wanted natural photos of their baby and family and we began the session with this adorable bundle lying on a bed.

Natural baby photography
Yawning baby

I can never resist a baby's yawn!


This was also a good time to capture some close up details.

Baby's face
Close up on baby's face
Baby's hand
Baby feet

We then moved onto some relaxed family photos.

Parents with newborn baby
Natural family photos at home
Mother & baby
Mother's love
Daddy with baby
Mother's kiss

He had then woken up, so we captured, natural moments around their apartment.

Natural light photography - newborn baby
Natural family photography
Mother's kiss
Baby on daddy's lap
Baby in mummy's arms

For the last few photos, we used a plain wall as a background.

Father with baby
Mamma's kiss
Baby in daddy's arms
Baby held in parents hands

Newborn Baby & Family Photographer - Wandsworth, South West London, SW18

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