Newborn Baby, Toddler & Family Photo Shoot At Home - Battersea

I had photographed this family a couple of years ago when their first boy was a newborn. He now had a new baby brother and the parents wanted to capture a similar set of photographs and family photos.

We began with the newborn baby in a bucket - the toddler also came in to join briefly.

We then put the baby boy into the same basket we had for their firstborn.

Big brother was also keen to join in here too!

We then moved to a bedroom to get some family photos.

With this loving brother, we also captured some really caring moments of the two of them.

This young toddler decided he wanted to become the photographer! So we worked together to take some photos of mummy and daddy with the newborn.

But obviously being a curious toddler, he managed to photobomb one of his own photos!

We finished up with a few more photos of the children.

Newborn Baby, Children's & Family Photographer - Battersea, South West London, SW11

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