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Two Month Old Baby & Family Photo Shoot - Victoria, London

Two month old baby boy

I had been recommended to this family by another client I had recently done a newborn photo shoot for. Their baby boy was two months old when we did the photo shoot and they really loved the newborn photos that I had taken for their friends and were keen to get similar images. With a two month old baby we have to work slightly differently, as babies are much more alert and are growing quickly.

We began the session with using a digital background (edited after) with a wooden bowl.

Two month old baby in wooden bowl

We then set up a basket.

Baby in a basket

We then moved to a bed and lay this adorable boy together with some soft toys.

Baby with soft toys

Staying on the bed, we lay him down, covering his nappy with a wrap.

Two month old baby boy

This was a good opportunity to get some close up details.

Close up on baby's face
Baby eye lashes
Baby's hand
Close up on baby's face

And also, some photos with mummy and daddy.

Family photo at home with baby
Kisses for baby
Daddy with baby
Daddy with baby
Mother & baby

Having then fallen asleep in mummy's arms, we took some portraits using a plain wall.

Family portrait with baby
Mother & baby
Daddy with baby
Mother & baby

Baby & Family Photographer - Victoria, South West London, SW1

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